Our Junior section has leading coaches, links to county and national-performance programmes and boasts the best facilities in North London.

OMT Junior Hockey in London

Our junior section’s has leading coaching, links to county and national-performance programmes and boasts the best facilities in North London. 

A Junior section second to none

OMT Hockey Club boast some of the best facilities in North London for all its members; Players, Parents, Volunteers and Coaches. We have a Junior Hockey Program that inspires, supports and empowers players to fulfill their individual potential.

Uniquely, we offer a full year of Junior Hockey participation; Club training and league matches run from September to March; Summer League and County & England programme entry preparation from April to September. We offer Men’s league opportunities to our high potential juniors and we will be launching a junior indoor programme with Cup competitions for those who sign-up in 2018.

Teams for all abilties, amazing benefits…

OMT runs junior teams comprising of boys (U14’s, U16’s & U18’s) and mixed (U8’s, U10’s & U12’s).

Junior members enjoy;

  • Professional coaches that have played and coached at the highest level
  • Technology-assisted player profiling for U14, U16 & U18 giving clear, scientific and proven development pathways
  • Video analysis and feedback
  • Strength and conditioning programme supported by mobile apps
  • Parent benefits, e.g. a 10% discount at the OMT Club House Bar, access to events club hire.

Coaching with first class technology…

Player Profiling

We aim to give continuous feedback to all of our players throughout the season that is both helpful and concise. Providing individual feedback identifying specific strengths and weaknesses allows players to set realistic and achievable goals, both in the short and long term. Feedback is aimed to be given on players individual physical, mental and tactical strengths and weaknesses as well as their aspirations.

Strength & Conditioning

In an aim to prepare our Junior players for the future, we will be introducing Strength & Conditioning for the 2019/20 season. The aim is to introduce and educate our young players about hockey specific S&C and it’s benefits, in turn giving them a good platform on which they will be able to build upon in the future. The interactive app TrainHeroic is aimed to be introduced to the players for the 2019/20 season to aid with improving their hockey specific athleticism.

Jake Ling

Jake is an both an experienced hockey player and coach, having gained premier league experience for Canterbury before heading to the University of Nottingham where he amassed a number of BUCS premier league appearances. Jake has been involved with the coaching company MT13 who work a range of abilities from elite junior players, helping push their game to the next level and gain international honours, to working with total beginners and helping them at the start of their hockey careers. Jake joins us having finished working at Rugby school, coaching a variety of age groups of both boys and girls.

“I’m extremely excited to begin my journey with OMT and to continue the brilliant work the club already does. The club appears to have a bright future that I can’t wait to be a part of and I’m looking forward to seeing the next generation of skilful, ambitious, fearless players who will be successful for years to come wearing black and gold.”

Mike Penny

Mike has played for the University of Birmingham First Team, Southgate Hockey Club and currently plays for Richmond Hockey Club in the England Hockey National League.

Mike has incredible technical and tactical knowledge and as a PE teacher at Merchant Taylors’ School he knows how to develop young players.

Mike was the main driving force behind the formation of OMT Junior Hockey Club and he has huge ambitions to make it one of the real powerhouses of English Hockey.

Professional coaches with big ambitions for your children

The Hockey Programme has been designed and is being delivered by Mike Penny and Mike Irving, both committed and experienced practitioners. The programme is phenomenal and has one ambition; “Our training and match days will be the highlight of the kids’ week. For those that want to, we’ll help them play for England or at the best level they can achieve.”

Mike Irving brings with some excellent coaching additions, including current International players with top-coaching experience. The program and session plans ensure all players develop quickly.

Our full coaching team will be announced in the coming weeks. It has significant links into the National side.

Integrating Juniors into adult teams, clear development pathways and tours

We provide clear pathways for all our junior members, with video analysis of home games and strength and conditioning. We are an integrated club. Juniors often see huge performance games when playing for the Men’s or Women’s Sections. Our adult teams are split well between different league levels allowing Juniors to integrate, excel and progress.

Using our Club, National & International contacts, we organise tours to further enhance the skills, development and experience for our junior members.

Safeguarding your children

Across our coaching staff is a vast amount of experience with safeguarding procedures in both school and hockey club settings. Everything we do is consistent and in accordance with the England Hockey advice and guidance. Both Mike Penny and Rob Garvey are safe guarding leaders at Merchant Taylors’ School.

Links to County and England hockey

Our coaches and club leaders have played and coached at the highest levels. The Junior Hockey setup is being designed to give your children the best chance of achieving levels of hockey that place them in the running to play at county-level and make the selection for the National Performance Programme.

OMT Hockey Club has the best facilities in North London and an ambitious roadmap that will see the club become one of the most prominent National Performance Programme feeder clubs.

Karan – Selected for the  England National Team

I remember my first involvement with OMT hockey club, coming down to a Summer League fixture when I was 13. I was nervous but soon got into the game an absolutely loved it. Everyone was encouraging and made me feel welcome and I felt comfortable with the older players straight away.  I have played OMT men’s hockey since I was 14. It has given me the grounding to develop my Hockey skills and maturity so much. I am now am part of the U18 England squad and OMT had was a huge part of that.
Karan Sofat

George – Premiership hockey and pushing for an England spot

I got involved with OMT hockey from age 14. The balance between the junior and men’s programme really helped me develop my skills, ability and physicality. At school, I represent the 1st team for 3 seasons, captaining in my final year. The facilities are second to none and are still some of the best I’ve ever experienced.

I now play at the top standard of University hockey and represent the 1st team in the National League. I’m the only 1st year outside of the England U21 set-up to be involved. After university, I will definitely return to the club. For me, OMT Hockey represents what sport is all about. It pushes players to their potential while players of all abilities enjoy each others’ company a couple of times a week. The club is extremely ambitious and I’m proud to be part of it.



Our men’s teams have been playing 50 years. We now have a women’s section and as part of our 50th year anniversary have added a Junior’s section that will become a leading light in coaching youth as well as community hockey.